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If your team or event could benefit from some knowledge on doing business digitally, then book Dan to speak, today!

Covering topics from Digital Marketing, Cyber Security, to Business Ownership and Mental Health.

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Inspirational Talks for Doing Business Digitally

With over a decade of experience running and growing digital agencies, who better than to inspire your team and help you expand your digital prowess?

A selection of pre-written talks covering everything from general overviews of doing business digitally, to in-depth breakdowns of specific topics in Digital Marketing, Strategy, Cyber Security, and Mental Health for Business Owners.

A caring speaker, here to inspire, educate, and make you giggle with an endearing, approachable, friendly Northern timbre backed by an intrinsic knowledge of all things digital.

All adapted to your event, message, and purpose, be it online, or in person across Manchester and beyond.

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